volcanic ash hazard

Source:  NBC Nightly News (sorry)

As we continue to get news of how many millions of dollars are being lost by airlines that can’t fly due to potential volcanic ash damage, NBC sent a reporter to evaluate the situation on the ground in Iceland.  She visited a sheep farm (sheeple are people too) where the farmer’s wife and daughters evacuated, but the farmer and his teenage son stayed behind to get the sheep in out of the ashfall.  The volcano deposited less than an inch of black soot on everything, and when it rained, a black soupy mud formed.  Wicked ash covers everything.

They showed a guy (I guess it was a guy) driving a pickup truck through the dark, stirring up clouds of the evil ash as he passed.  It reminded me of the flour-like dust up in the forest, the stuff that gets on everything and raises hell with your air filter.  It’s like, you don’t even want to go anywhere, because you don’t want that stuff to get into your engine. 

Fortunately they aren’t facing an Obama solution to the problem.  taxtaxtax

We have volcanoes.  They are quiet right now.  The whole Pacific rim is volcanic.  Yellowstone is volcanic.  Just think if we couldn’t fly, or drive.  Eww.  All you can do is wait for the stuff to stop. 


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