The Arizona Illegal Immigration Law

Wandering as always, a USA Today headline caught my eye.  It was to the effect that Obama disagrees strongly with this new law in Arizona.  Arizona is on the front line of the issue.

For many years people have illegally immigrated across Arizona’s borders, leaving horrendous debris on federally protected public land and private land, destroying private property, confronting private citizens and landowners and killing them, stealing livestock for barbecues, using emergency services and other services without paying for them, and this just goes on and on.  Private citizens have organized to assist the Border Patrol but the problem continues. 

It might help to get some idea of Mexico’s foreign policy on this subject.  Millions of documented and undocumented workers from Mexico send bazillions of dollars "home" to their families in Mexico.  That money goes to Mexico, in huge quantities, daily.  In the past, Mexico has refused to develop and exploit its own natural resources, creating jobs for its people, preferring to blame its problems on the US.  Mexican government traditionally rips off the people and successive administrations disappear with as much money as they can stuff in their Swiss bank accounts or wherever.  Illegal immigration to the US has been encouraged, and yet, when someone from a country south of Mexico immigrates illegally to Mexico, the treatment they receive is far harsher than what an illegal immigrant from Mexico receives in the US.  Typically an illegal immigrant to Mexico is beaten and robbed by the police, and there are no civil rights organizations clamoring for their protection. 

At present the Mexican government is at war with the Mexican drug cartels.  They may or may not win that war.  It gets headlines.  Allegedly, consumers in the US provide staggering amounts of money to the Mexican drug cartels, and the cartels are ruthless.  The drugs and the money apparently cross the US-Mexico border quite freely, detected on occasion by law enforcement and that makes headlines too. 

Since the US federal government has been unable to sufficiently address these issues, and the citizens of Arizona are unwilling to allow their state to become a wasteland in the wake of this issue, they passed a law.  Which, apparently, Obama does not like. 

Now.  Perhaps you might not like me saying that this president is losing relevancy by his own doing on a regular basis.  But the citizens of Arizona are tired of waiting, and all indications from Washington are that any pending federal response would only make matters worse for the citizens of Arizona.  So.  You tell me.  la la la la la.  Meanwhile, the funded civil rights organizations that put Arizona ranchers on the defensive (even behind bars for trying to protect their own livelihoods) are rising to challenge this law, claiming it is racist and everything else. 

Remember, ancient Rome was overrun by barbarians.  The Roman citizens had been disarmed by fearful Caesars, and their borders were indefensible.  The process takes about 40 years.  The citizens of Arizona are not interested in that process.  I applaud them. 


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