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nice to know, eh?

Sheryl Crow, the rock star, was telling Katie Couric… wait, there’s already something wrong with this sentence.  Who the #@$% cares what either of these two think?  But I digress.  Sheryl Crow the rock star says the tea party people … Continue reading

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I believe it said 1459

Pretty much, rolling in here a little after 11.  The trip meter doesn’t remember thousands.  So it looks the same if you went 459 miles, as if you went 1459 miles, or 2459.  But I know.  It’s telling me that … Continue reading

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The Blame Game

I totally do.  OK, since the monstrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a lot of people have been blaming BP for the mess.  Someone sent a mass mail including language to that effect.  But someone spoke up, and … Continue reading

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Even Uglier Than Before?

As I recall on election night, Orly Taitz was behind with 25%.  I interpret that to mean that some voters, realizing that Orly Taitz might only perform one meaningful official act if elected, decided that act needed to be done … Continue reading

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The Shape O Things 2 Come?

California primary election tomorrow.  I’ve been paying attention and doing research.  Some of you have had it stuffed into your TV viewing but I’ve been digging really hard into this.  I’m sure people across the country have heard about Meg … Continue reading

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