The Shape O Things 2 Come?

California primary election tomorrow.  I’ve been paying attention and doing research.  Some of you have had it stuffed into your TV viewing but I’ve been digging really hard into this. 

I’m sure people across the country have heard about Meg Whitman spending mazillions of dollars trying to get elected governor.  This is only the primary, too. 

Then some of you have observed with glee, there’s a chance that Barbara Boxer might not make it back to the US Senate in November, except to clean out her offices.  There are three Republican contenders, and Carly Fiorina seems to be leading the pack.  Her commercials are great.  I think she’s the only one who has commercials.  She goes, "I started out as a secretary and worked my way up to be the CEO of Hewlett-Packard."  Some of you may raise your eyebrows and giggle, wondering exactly how she did that.  Others may glance around the room at all the stuff they own that has an HP logo on it.  Good stuff, isn’t it?

But tonight, and no I’m not voting for Carly, yet, it’s still the primary… tonight I want to draw your attention to the Secretary of State race.  Meet the candidates, my condensed version.

Damon Dunn.  Born dirt poor, got football scholarships to college, played many seasons in the NFL on four different teams, retired from professional football, started doing community things and working for the children.  Comes highly recommended.  Not to get all racial but he’s also "African-American."  My guess is he’s really an American but that’s what they like to say now-a-days.  Damon Dunn, a strong candidate, who might have some appeal come November for a lot of the Democrats who have traditionally ruled (and destroyed) California. 

Orly Taitz.  I said who?  Orly Taitz.  Female, blond.  Born in the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic.  Jewish.  Claims to have relatives who suffered in the pogroms (pogroms are where the hoi-polloi gets annoyed and starts rioting in the streets and beating and killing Jews.)  Spent some time living in Israel.  Is an immigrant.  A legal immigrant.  Is an attorney.  Is a dentist.  And her claim to fame, so far, is that she has filed a number of lawsuits alleging that Barack Obama is not constitutionally qualified to be the President of the United States because he is not a natural born citizen.  did you get that

One lawsuit she filed against the current California Secretary of State.  She said the Secretary of State should not have certified the results of the 2008 presidential election because the Secretary of State had not determined whether or not the candidate Barack Obama was in fact constitutionally qualified for the office. 

Other lawsuits representing military personnel who were given orders that were less than convenient… for example. a Lieutenant Colonel was given orders to deploy to Afghanistan… Orly Taitz represented her and said her orders were invalid because they came from a president who was not constitutionally qualified to hold that office.  are you getting this?

Orly Taitz is running for Secretary of State of California.  Can you imagine what her first official act will be if she wins?  And she’s got total 100% Tea Party approval.  If anyone can figure out how to un-certify the results of the 2008 presidential election in California, it’s Orly Taitz. 

Now you ask, because you’re hooked, what happens to California’s electoral votes if they are un-certified?  And I can tell you I DON’T KNOW because it’s never been done before.  IT’S HISTORIC!!  Wasn’t that one of the reasons they gave in the first place for electing that skinny Harvard boob to the White House?  IT’S HISTORIC!!  That means you should vote for it!!  Does John McCain then become the president?  OH MY

Well, make no mistake.  Bill O’Reilly says Orly Taitz is a nut.  She’s been chewed out a few times by judges for her lack of attorney-like behavior in court.  But I say her heart is in the right place, and all this time people have been saying 2010, 2010, things are going to change.  We already have one crazy blonde Secretary of State, why not another one?  IT’S HISTORIC!!


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