Even Uglier Than Before?

As I recall on election night, Orly Taitz was behind with 25%.  I interpret that to mean that some voters, realizing that Orly Taitz might only perform one meaningful official act if elected, decided that act needed to be done badly enough to tolerate having a "NUT" for Secretary of State for 4 years.  The other truth is that she would certainly have wiped out in the general election had she won the primary. 

It’s way back in vogue, though, Obama-bashing.  In particular, how many White House parties, and how many times has he played golf, since the explosion, burning, and sinking of the Midnight Express oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.  It is noted that rather than attend the funeral for the oil rig workers he proceeded to attend a fundraiser for Barbara Boxer.  Doctors from the mental heath industry have evaluated the president in view of everything that is known about his whole life.  Fearsome speculations resulted, most notably a question about the mental health of the people who voted for him in spite of everything that is known about his whole life. 

It’s a chore.  Today I want to write about a recent news item from Stockton, California, home to Delta College.  This may gross you out.  It’s very disturbing. I mean what’s happening in the Gulf is disturbing, OK, there are a lot of sides to that one, so I’m trying to leave it alone.  I’m not saying, well, it was an accident.  I’m not saying, well, the accident could have been prevented.  I’m not saying, BP could have done more to fix the leak.  I’m not saying, the President actually likes the disaster in the Gulf because he wants his friends in the middle east to get our gas money.  I’m not saying any of that because the Gulf thing is just huge, mind-boggling, far-reaching, heart-breaking, bad for the economy, could result in a lot of dead things washing up on shore and so forth.  It’s just too big for me to write about.  So I was going smaller-scale with a different point.

Delta College.  In between the buildings of the campus, they built a koi pond.  It’s a big concrete thing like a fountain, and they put a lot of koi fishes in it.  A koi is like a goldfish only bigger.  I think the idea came from Japan.  They just swim around, and people walk by and say lookit the fish, and they feed the fish crumbs, and they enjoy having the fish there.  It’s like an aquarium.  It’s like they are pet fish.  Everybody likes the koi. 

So one night recently two 17 year old boys decided to visit the koi pond.  It was dark and no one was around.  They brought poles and knives with them, and walked in between the buildings to the koi pond, making sure that no one saw them.  And then, one by one, they beat and killed a dozen of the koi.  These boys are 17.  They are old enough to know that what they are doing is wrong.  That’s why they did it in the dark, thinking no one saw them.  And they did it twelve times.  And then they went home. 

The next day, upon seeing the carnage, the police were brought in to investigate.  Campus video cameras surround the koi pond.  Video showing the two boys’ faces was sent to the TV stations, asking for help in identifying them.  Someone recognized them and called in.  The boys were arrested.  They will be charged with twelve counts of animal cruelty and felony vandalism.  Felony, because each koi costs about $5000.  So that’s $60,000 worth of vandalism, not to mention that what they did was just mean, and wrong, and bad, and they knew it when they were doing it. 

I myself had a run-in with some individuals who thought it was fun to run over dogs.  Unfortunately, there was no video.  But I’m telling you nothing pisses me off more than somebody messing with somebody else’s animals, and particularly mine.  So while there may be some argument that we know nothing about how these boys were raised, excuse me, we do know that they never intended to be caught doing this horrible thing.  But they were. 

I’m in the camp that wants the judge to throw the book at these boys.  Make the felony vandalism stick.  They have video.  Their lives are changed forever.  They will never be able to own guns, or vote, or anything.  They will spend a long time in the penal system, and when they get out, no one will want them around for anything.  Their own parents might move to some other house while they are incarcerated and not tell them where it is.  Why?  Because why?  Because the whole thing they did was caught on film, that’s why, because it was criminal, because they did it, because they knew it was wrong and did it anyway just for fun. 

I’m just not in the forgiving mood for somebody who massacres somebody else’s pet fish. 

BP, however, at least was engaged in a commercial enterprise and it was an accident, even though it maybe could have been prevented.  It’s not as clear-cut to me as the Delta College thing.  It’s much bigger, and it’s horrible, and you know it’s going to be used as an excuse to prohibit offshore drilling in the US for ever and ever if certain people have their way.  Meanwhile other countries with far less stellar records of environmental protection are drilling and pumping and they will be sucking up our money because we will be sucking up their oil.  But all the wildlife, you know, the whole ecosystem with the fishing and everything, boy they’re in dire shape now.  It’s really bad.


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