The Blame Game

I totally do.  OK, since the monstrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a lot of people have been blaming BP for the mess.  Someone sent a mass mail including language to that effect.  But someone spoke up, and the same someone decided it was fair to represent their perspective also (which is not widely disseminated in the MSM).  So here it is.

"I am a bit disappointed with your opening comments; although,
I do agree with
your final suggestions. A lot of blame is being

placed on BP, and much of
this is unfair.

"I think (xxx) you believe in fairness and

BP was indeed called British Petroleum but this was when it was
BRITISH company. Some 10 years or so it joined with an

AMERICAN company
called AMOCO and changed its name to BP. This

was because around 40% of the
ownership was American. Of the

remaining shares, 40% are British and the
remainder from other

countries including Russia. This means that BP is
equally as

much American as it is British.

"I would also ask you to
think on this. The oil rig was owned by

an AMERICAN company who moved to
Switzerland to avoid taxes.

The company who ran the rig was a wholly owned

company. BP only owns the site, so why is it their fault?

you consider that the AMERICAN companies involved in Torrey

Canyon, Amoco
Cadiz, Piper Alpha and Exxon Valdez did all they

could to avoid their
responsibilities, is it fair to berate a

company that did not actually cause
the problem yet is still

committed to clearing up at whatever expense that
which was

caused in their name?

"I am not even going to think in detail
about how the American

bosses behaved when thousands died at the

facility in Bhopal! You might like to note that the

company Transocean has been in the Texan courts trying to

their liability. However, the Judge refused. BP has not tried

limit their liability in any way.

"I am not a fan of oil companies
in general; but as a Christian,

false witness is just not right, and the way
people have behaved

in your country is no less than that. Your president
seems bent

on trying to destroy BP. Just what would that do?

"If BP was
to take Chapter 11 then it would be the people of

America who pay for the
cleanup. Are the dividends that

important? They are to the hundreds of
thousands of pensioners

whose income comes from these shares held by their


"Let me put it this way. You need a package
delivered. You ask

XYZ deliveries to take it. XYZ hires a truck from 123

The truck is badly maintained and the driver is not

experienced. The truck hits a pot hole in the road and because
it is
not in good condition, a wheel falls off. The driver hits

the gas rather than
the brake, mounts the curb, hits a shop and

spills all its parcels and diesel
on the road. When the police

turn up, who do you think they will blame? From
the way you are

treating BP it must be you, mustn’t it?

"There is no
doubt this is a disaster but muck slinging is not

the way to solve it.
Working together is.

"So please look again at what is happening and bring

Christian compassion you profess to care about so much to what
really happening. Because as the rhetoric bounces across the

tempers are rising and you should be pouring water on

the flames instead of
encouraging them to grow."

And now, the crux of the biscuit:

Let’s review the events.  Obama took over the auto industry.  Obama has taken over the health care industry on paper.  Obama seeks to regulate the financial sector as well, and his friends did such a good job of that, we had the mortgage securities meltdown of 2008.  And now, Obama has a wonderful opportunity to take over, or whip up a huge tax on, the oil industry. 

It’s in the wings.  The conservatives call it "cap and trade."  It’s the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act, Senate Bill S. 1733, sponsored by the loser, John Kerry of Massachusetts.  Google that puppy and start reading.  It’s huge.  It’s horrible.  And when Rahm Emanuel says "let no crisis go to waste," this oil spill is exactly the kind of crisis he’s talking about. 

It took Obama 52 days to respond.  He had White House parties, he played golf, and he let that stuff gurgle up and spread as far as it could before he did anything.  He wants it to screw up the whole Gulf coast.  That way people might be more inclined to oppose offshore drilling, and believe we should abandon oil as a resource, and fall in goose-step with S. 1733. 

He does not care about the wildlife, or the people, or the jobs, or cleaning up the mess.  If he did, he’d have been on it with the world’s best cleanup stuff from the beginning, skimmers from Saudi Arabia, the Navy…  I am saying that the cleanup, preventing the oil from reaching the shore, he delayed that so it would reach the shore.  He wants you miserable so you’ll go along with S. 1733.  He’s a terrible, terrible man. 

It goes on and on.  Now there’s a state records worker in Hawaii who assures us there is no record of anyone named Barack Hussein Obama being born there.  There’s a reason why the constitution says you have to be born in the USA to be president.  But he doesn’t care about that either.  He doesn’t care if he bankrupts the federal government.  He doesn’t care. 


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