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Wurkin the Barn (from Saturday)

After years of neglect, and since the passing of my kitteh, I have taken to cleaning.  I even repaired one of the louvered closet doors.  You know, the kind where the joints dry up and the louvers fall out.  I … Continue reading

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Woe Is Me

Right there, the biggest graphic on the AT&T home page, is the iPhone4.  New toys for the yuppies and gang-bangers a like.  I saw a handwritten ad on the bulletin board in the laundrymat from someone who claims to know … Continue reading

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Enemy Combatant?

Normally, when you lie to an employer, when you are applying for a job, after they hire you, because you BSed them so well, when they find out you lied in your interview, they FIRE YOU.  Not that I’d know … Continue reading

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I’m about mad as hell.

This sucks.  I’m about in constant pain in my left shoulder.  But what’s worse is the declining health of my cat, Yin.  This crash has been going on for it seems like two weeks.  I came home today and she … Continue reading

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ice cream and anti-ice cream

In physics, and Star Trek, sometimes they have the conversation about matter and anti-matter.  It’s all very theoretical.  I don’t know anyone who has ever held a piece of anti-matter in their hands.  Theoretically, that’s impossible anyway.    Usually the … Continue reading

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i knew that too

Floyd says the June 30 Globe (this is a supermarket tabloid, ok) is blasting out the news that Obama was not really born in Hawaii.    Well, I KNEW THAT.   What’s getting me this weekend is my ailing 21-year-old … Continue reading

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