i knew that too

Floyd says the June 30 Globe (this is a supermarket tabloid, ok) is blasting out the news that Obama was not really born in Hawaii. 
What’s getting me this weekend is my ailing 21-year-old cat.  She’s stumbling, weak, not that interested in water, boy this could be bad.  But that Obama crap is old news around here.  We have never said he was president anyway.  We ignore him, we disrespect him, we gag at his every pronouncement whenever we get wind of one, and every bill he has signed needs to be struck and burned.  We treat him as badly as those morons treated George.  So good for the Globe, but my kitty is having a hard time staying interested.  In anything.  Really.  She’s in the zone. 
Of course he’s illegitimate. 
My kitty, on the other hand, was born in my bedroom closet.  I been her daddy all her life.  Lookit this recent photo of my kitty.
Now I have been very upset about this pretender to the throne, this impostor, this muslim, this liar, destroying my country but the Globe is saying he’s illegal.  Tomorrow you can tar and feather him and run him out of town.  But I has to take care of my beautiful kitty because she has never known anything but her daddy’s love. 

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