I’m about mad as hell.

This sucks.  I’m about in constant pain in my left shoulder.  But what’s worse is the declining health of my cat, Yin.  This crash has been going on for it seems like two weeks.  I came home today and she has a lot more trouble getting up, unless she’s highly motivated.  She moans.  She acts like she’s about tired of being a kitty, and after 21 years of it, who can blame her?
I decided to go to Wal*Mart and I didn’t get any Fancy Feast for 30 cents a can.  I still have some left, but I’m thinking the cat may not live long enough to finish what’s here.  But she was still here when I got back. 
She likes outside.  At night.  She’s pretty comfortable out there on the ground.  She drinks a little water, but doesn’t hardly eat anything, like all day today.  Then whenever she thinks about getting up, she moans, because she can’t get her back legs to cooperate very often.  This is disturbing but at her age it’s to be expected, eventually.  Every day has been a miracle, for years.  We know how lucky we’ve been. 
All I can do is pet the kitty’s head, and hold the kitty in my lap, and stroke the kitty’s fur, and tell her over and over again how she’s the light of my life and the keeper of my heart.  She seems to get that.  We have a geriatric cat exam scheduled soon but I can’t say it will be soon enough.  The day is getting closer when I will have to dig a hole and bury my kitty. 
What sucks a lot is knowing how I’ve outlived so many of the things I loved, and how the things I hate are keeping right in step with me.  It might be about time to do something outrageous.  I should contemplate this very carefully.  There’s not a whole lot I can do for my kitty right this minute, and sleepy time is upon me. 

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