After-Action Review Part 5

My visit to Fry’s revealed another truth of our times.  I had priced a new thermal cutout and associated wiring harness on line.  But for only 2-1/2 times the price of the alleged replacement parts, you can get a whole new microwave oven that’s 50% more powerful. 

Not only that, but since the previous oven is now outside cluttering the porch table, you can see the wall that was behind it.  Oy vey, so I painted it.  There’s so much stuff in my kitchen that painting it all at once is impossible.  The continuing technique is to paint when the wall becomes visible, otherwise forget it.  So that’s painted now. 

In other really good news I located the missing windshield wiper motor.  It had been sitting on a very old paper grocery bag on the kitchen floor.  Apparently in the haste I was actually consulted about the motor and forgot.  It’s in the back room tucked into an end table, still sitting on the old paper grocery bag.  So there’s even more relief. 

Since I began the after-action review there are probably some issues I’ve even forgotten, or at least postponed for now.  The laptop that went sparky is awaiting further consultation, as is the truly leaky hot water faucet in the bathtub.  I was hoping to address these issues one per month because I’m so darn lazy and have so many other things to do.  Right now I’m in the second stage of watering the front and back lawns, prior to 5AM since I got up early.  For now I can only brag that the quick two-coat paint job in the kitchen looks great, and I’ll be reassembling that corner soon enough with the new microwave oven I got at Fry’s on Wednesday. 

I don’t think they should build a mosque at Ground-Zero.  I think the Muslim world got a good enough laugh in November of 2008 when they heard that our new president’s name is Hussein.  This bozo’s got 9500 more jobs killed to his credit since the moratorium on offshore drilling, and guess who likes oil?  YOU AND ME.  I think there’s going to be a wicked backlash against this goofball’s publick policies come November.  Just try building a cathedral or a synagogue in Saudi Arabia.  He goes over there and bows to the king.  What a joke. 


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