Part 6 – the laptop battery

When the laptop issue was first brought to my attention, the description of the problem was vague.  I knew how it had been used in its recent history.  It was on all the time, plugged into the wall.  I was told that it had worked at the airport, but a few days later appeared DOA at the barn. 

I know these laptop things have a standby mode.  One time I was on a bus and I thought I had turned it off, only to discover later that it had been in standby mode, chewing away at the charge on the battery.  So right off I thought I’d see if a new battery would help.  The old battery was not responding to a charge. 

Good luck finding a new battery for a laptop that’s a few years old.  I came up with one that I thought was correct, from, and it was really close.  Same size and everything, same contacts, only the contacts were in the wrong place.  I now have a return authorization number from and all I have to do is ship it back via FedEx or UPS and get a refund.  It’s a shame.  It was a nice battery. 

The truth about the laptop is a whole lot scarier.  I have to identify and remove the board that has the SVGA monitor plug on it, and see what all scorch damage is evident.  A fuse would be convenient.  But to me, there’s nothing convenient about how boards are sandwiched into laptops.  So it’s kinda resting in place.  (or in peace, it’s hard to tell which) 


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