a few other nasties.

Lots of people have what you call a broadband connection at home.  I have, for six months.  In the beginning Comcast was running different offers like $25 a month, and I said, yeah, but after six months then they jack up your charge to $45 (not giving you anything more for the additional $20) and then you’re paying double.  The guy said I should call him before that happens, and I did not.

This morning 0628 hours I see the new "XFINITY" bill is charging me $45. This is unacceptable.  First off, it’s not water, or electricity, or natural gas.  It’s just freaking internet.  Anybody can offer me broadband for $25.  I still have dialup that works.  Comcast opens at 8 so I’ve been checking all the sites I normally check, one last time before I tell Comcast what they can do with my $45. 

This means I know things. 

The mom has new cat drama.  Her favorite female feral cat, pretty much born in the back yard, has disappeared.  I had something else fun in mind but she’s going off the deep end looking for the cat, so I’m thinking I should participate a little bit.  That’s another story better told after the fact. 

I’m also annoyed with someone else.  Two months ago we agreed on a procedure for certain things.  Here I’m fixin’ to tell my broadband provider to go jump off a cliff for a couple of months and one of the last things I see is that this other agreement has been violated with no notice in only the past two weeks.  I have to wonder why I’m being so tight with Comcast over an additional $20 a month when I see that kind of thing.

BECAUSE I AGREED TO $25 A MONTH FOR BROADBAND, that’s why.  Just like the other party agreed to whatever it was that they don’t seem able to live up to.  And the thing is, you can’t enforce these agreements.  All you can do is maybe negotiate it back to where it was originally agreed at, and if that fails, you shut it down and start it up later in a few months when they make you a more reasonable offer, or you take somebody else’s reasonable offer and don’t worry about it.  Now how am I supposed to do that with this other thing here?


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