la la la from dialup (BFD)

So yes, the Comcast guy was telling me that $45 a month is the regular price for 12 Megabytes.  But come on!  With all the introductory prices out there, including his, why get sucked into an additional $240 a year?  So we are no longer broadband around here.  We can have a collection of modems to go with whatever DSL or cable provider happens to be giving the best introductory rate for six months and forget paying (Good God) $45 a month for high-speed internet. 
That other issue is yet to be negotiated and I’m sure I’ll get a phone call before long insisting there was some legitimate mistake.  But new negotiations are in order, in view of the time period involved and the violation that occurred in black and white.  It’s as plain as the characters on your screen, because you can pull it up and look at the characters on the screen that detail exactly what happened and when. 
Meanwhile, I’m supposed to be somewhere else real soon.  Life goes on, even without broadband.  Oh yeah. 

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