Hurricane Katrina?

Let’s not downplay Katrina, and Rita.  Bunches and bunches of damage was done.  We might be inclined to remember certain lessons, such as, how they spent their hurricane preparedness money on a floating casino.  Or how the whole local response was mismanaged by Ex-Mayor Ray Nagin.  Or how the New Orleans PD went around confiscating firearms from law-abiding citizens who had no other way to defend their homes from the proliferation of looters that emerge whenever there’s a big disaster.  Or other stereotypes such as the vast government dependency fostered in New Orleans by decades of Democrat rule, or the "chocolate city" statement, again, from Nagin. 
All that may be true.  But it’s also true that the New Orelans Saints won the Super Bowl, so let’s muster up some respect and think of how much damage a flood can do, and how long it might take to recover from it.  I imagine if you are a general contractor, or if you have one in your family, that might help a lot when it comes to repairing or rebuilding from the devastation of a flood, a tornado, or something as huge and widespread as the hurricanes.  But let’s not underestimate peoples’ ability to continue living in squalor while their better-connected neighbors are painting their new porch.  Not having flood insurance when there’s a flood can really complicate your recovery. 

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