What’s Important Right Now?

I get solicited a lot.  Everybody wants money.  We always say it’s a free society, but keeping it free seems to have a price tag.  There are so many good causes I agree with, I figured out long ago there’s no way I can contribute meaningfully to them all, so I limit myself to four a month. 
Check the news.  Combat operations in Iraq are over for the US, aside from the occupation force of 50,000 that remain to perform some training function, some stabilizing purpose.  Some sitting duck assignment, you might be thinking.  The apologist President Obama tells us the Iraqis are now responsible for stabilizing their own government and country. 
You’ve got to be kidding.  We occupied Germany for 40 years after World War II, and the last I saw, they still had a functioning Nationalist Party (the remnants of the old Nazis).  Middle-eastern barbarism is legendary, only today they do it with explosives.  This whole time it’s been about Sunni extremists vs. Shiite extremists, with a little insurgent Al-Qaeda thrown in to confuse the US press corps(e).  You have to wonder if we’ve also withdrawn all the journalists who, if they stayed behind in Iraq, would report on any escalation in barbarism. 
But the president is correct.  We have our own problems at home.  Particularly the ones he’s created.
Some goof in another forum raised the issue of jobs, without really specifying what kind of jobs.  Let’s be clear that taxes on the private sector is what pays for government.  If government grows, it’s taxes that pays for it.  If the private sector shrinks away from the taxation, who’s left to pay for the government that keeps growing?  A good economic strategy would encourage growth in the private sector by reducing the taxes.  But realistically, that would suggest a reduction in government.  Well, yeah.  Reaganomics. 
The opposite is what we see when we read that Adobe and E-Bay have moved their operations and headquarters out of California.  The 20-billion-dollar state budget deficit can only be addressed by a reduction in government.  But in practice, government is self-perpetuating, and can continue to grow on borrowed money, with the promise of repayment via the magic of higher taxation.  Which does what?  It kills private sector jobs, that’s what it does.  It only creates government jobs.  Obamanomics.
So when it comes to all the good causes that solicit endlessly… because if they stop soliciting, that could mean that they have gone under… I can’t think of a better cause in this election year than restoring the balace of power in the United States Senate.  Or the House, if you prefer.  But the Senate in particular, because the Senate is the one that confirms Supreme Court justices. 

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