summer isn’t really over

With Labor Day weekend comes the official end of the American Summer for those with school-age people in their midsts.  That would not be me at the moment.  Theoretically, all the places where the skies have been filled with the shrieking of little people have returned to their natural and eternal state of peace and quiet.  This does not mean summer is over.  For some of us, this is one of the best times of the year. 
Aside from the recreational opportunities that have opened up, there’s still time to address other outdoor activities and repairs before the weather really turns.  The Autumnal Equinox occurs later this month.  If the thrill of buying a new car is not on your horizon of necessities, just think what else you could do with four months left in the year.  Such as, initiating repairs and maintenance on the vehicles you already have.  Right there I’d be hammered until Christmas.  Here’s a list, more for me than for you.
Electric window malfunction
Windshield wiper linkage malfunction
Oil pan leak
Corrosion on positive battery terminal
Padded rail replacement on "lumber rack"
Balancing anti-freeze concentration in cooling system
Balancing tire pressures
Steering issue where horrible noises emit when turning hard left or right
Replace 11-year-old tires with nice new BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A Radials
Paint, for God’s sake, before it’s too cold to paint
Enough to easily fill what remains of the summer and exhaust any free time and money that occurs.  Then there’s the barn, and surrounding landscape.  All of which is simultaneously complicated and facilitated by continued employment, which is truly the lesser of two weevils.  Any contributions to retirement plans before the end of 2010 should be done in sync with all of the above, but not at the expense of using what remains of the mild climate to distinct advantage.  And now you see why naptime is so important. 

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