On Burning the Koran

Gainesville, Florida, home to rock legends Lynyrd Skynyrd.  There’s a preacher there who has a collection of Korans, and he wants to burn them on Saturday.  Saturday is of course the ninth anniversary of the radical Islamist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and an alleged failed attempt on the White House. 
Somehow the whole Moslem world found out about this before I did.  General Petraeus, commanding in Afghanistan, says the faithful are protesting and if the preacher burns the Korans, they will escalate their attacks on US forces and kill more troops.  Yesterday afternoon the local news-talk station found a USMC expert on Afghanistan who said the same thing.  This morning our own Hope and Change in Chief President Obama said the same thing.  They are all saying that if the preacher burns the Korans, Al Qaeda will grow, and there will be death and destruction at the hands of more radical Islamists.
Apparently it’s not enough that there are permits in place to build a mosque on the site of the World Trade Center.  This morning the experts are saying that if we don’t allow them to build this mosque, the faithful will escalate their attacks on US forces, kill more troops, Al Qaeda will grow, and there will be death and destruction.  Apparently you can’t please these people no matter what you do. 
The preacher’s premise in burning the Korans is that Islam is evil.  I wonder where he got that idea.  I also wonder how irresponsible it’s been for our own press, starting in Gainesville, Florida, to broadcast to the Muslim world that he’s planning to do this.  I keep thinking about that video of Nicholas Berg, hands and feet bound, kneeling on the floor, as a scarf-head with a Ginsu knife grabbed his hair and sawed his head off. 
The perception that radical Islam is grievance-based is what feeds these notions that we have to not burn the Koran and allow a mosque to be built on the site of the World Trade Center to avoid more death and destruction.  But our own legendary diplomats John Adams and Thomas Jefferson learned otherwise, before the US had any global foreign policy to speak of, when the Barbary pirates captured US merchant ships and enslaved the crews.  What they learned is that the justification for what the Barbary pirates were doing was alleged to be contained in the Koran. 
So it really doesn’t matter if the preacher burns the Koran, because the radical Islamists are still going to do what they do at some rate, regardless.  It’s already on their calendars.  They are just making a fuss about the preacher, when in fact, their jihad is already in full swing.  They won’t stop if the preacher doesn’t burn the Korans.  They won’t stop if we let them build a mosque on the site of the World Trade Center.  Their justification, so they claim, is in the Koran.
Let’s be clear.  If I burn a calculus textbook on YouTube, that is my responsibility.  If an offended math teacher detonates himself in front of a supermarket after seeing my video, that is HIS responsibility.  He’s a criminal.  A dead criminal. 
If burning the Korans results in more dead criminals… wait a minute… I have matches. 

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