Apocalypse Later

I had occasion to be on a freeway, listening to Tom Sullivan, when the news broke yesterday.  A miraculous agreement seemed to have been reached.  The pastor in Gainesville had been in contact with the imam in New York City and they worked out a deal.  The imam promised to move the mosque to a different place and the pastor promised not to burn his stack of Korans.  Win-win! 
Not so fast.  Now the roller-coaster of events is that the imam never spoke to the pastor and made no such deal.  The pastor is reconsidering his earlier consideration.  Nobody knows what they’re doing.  Actually, they do. 
I think Thomas Jefferson would have pooped his drawers if he thought the United States was going to become a Muslim nation. 
Well, you know what?  I have a battery tray to clean up, and maybe paint, and a battery terminal to clean up, and a little red round felt battery post cushion to clean, and actually an oil pan that’s leaking.  I bet I should see if I can tighten the bolts on that oil pan a little bit, and get on down to Nappy Auto Parts and get me a new gasket.  These drama queens can just shut up and wait.  Radical Islam isn’t going to happen any faster around here. 
So I’ll be getting around to the battery tray now.     

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