Nice Cartoon

Actually, it’s depressing.  It’s enough to make you want to go nappy. 
I’m a little bummed about Sheba, too.  Sheba is a friend’s cat.  She’s always been friendly to me.  Two weeks ago Sheba got in a fight with another cat and apparently her left eyeball was punctured.  My first awareness of this was Friday, when Sheba walked up to say hi, and her entire left eye was obscured with pus. 
I’m not one to spend money at the vet for other peoples’ cats.  The people Sheba lives with are pleading poverty.  I cleaned off the eye enough to expose what I fear is a permanently damaged eye.  I called and left a message with her daddy to find out what he wants to do about it.  With his authorization, in his absence, I would take Sheba to the vet and let him owe me the money. 
I think it really sucks that these peoples’ economic reality is so bad that they won’t even take their cat to the vet.  It may be too late for Sheba.  If we can’t fix this ridiculous regime in November, it may be too late for us all. 

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