Com Dude’s Cure-All Remedy for the Victimized Masses

What’s this half-a-million-dollar bail that Iran is demanding for the release of this dumb Bay Area woman hiker?  Does the concept of RANSOM evade the MainStreamMedia?  Or are they just being passively Islamophobic, like that beady-eyed imam in New York?  This guy tells us if we don’t allow the Cordoba House to be built in the former shadow of the World Trade Center, we should expect even more mayhem from the radical Islamists around the world and apparently in our midst. 
Our normal policy is to not give in to terrorist demands.  People forget that the new Islamic Republic of Iran held American employees of the sieged US embassy in Tehran HOSTAGE during the Carter administration.  Those in despair should note that the hostages were released shortly after the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan.  There’s a clue in there somewhere. 
The obvious goal of the Obamastration is to strangle with excessive regulation and bankrupt the United States and render us incapable of responding to a world-class crisis that might be precipitated by a nuclear-armed Iran.  Yes.  We went totally in the wrong direction, didn’t we?  Just look at where this guy’s public policies have all been going for the last two years.  How better to infuriate and justify the minions of Ahmedinijad than to install highly questionable women who lie to the Senate on the Supreme Court of the United States? 
So.  Yes, I was a bit encouraged to Google the Illuminati, and it led me to a long Wikipedia piece about the history of Iran.  Boy were they ever subject to outside influences back in the early 1900s.  But that was them.  We are not sheep. 
My immediate answer to this and more infuriating things in the world is to just get something else done.  I include in the category of progress anything you may have been too paralyzed with fear to address.  Consider vehicle maintenance, things your car needs.  Consider cooking a more exotic meal than the usual whatever-you-eat.  Consider any measure of yardwork, if it’s been neglected during this horrible administration.  Professionally, if you have one, consider putting your full concentration on whatever it is you’re paid to do, to achieve the best possible outcome.  Commercially, and cautiously, because after all there are scams out there… do something that might be considered good for the economy.  Buy lumber if you need it, or auto parts if you need them, or whatever it is you identify toward the top of the list of things you need.  Because this guy isn’t going to do a freaking thing for the economy. 
Then, come November, vote as if your country depended on intelligent public policy.  No that is not subject to interpretation any more.  We can’t afford "interpretation." 

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