NNdated (inundated)

Hot news from Delaware, Republican primary goes to Tea Party favorite Christine O’Connell (is that her name?) over six-term incumbent moderate Mike Castle.  We’re not interested in "moderate" any more.  Democrats are celebrating.  I just don’t know if they get how angry people are. 
I’m so inundated with Obama-mail (Obama screwed up this, Obama is destroying that) that I finally decided to just open it at a leisurely pace and try to enjoy reading it.  You know, see if I can pick up on the substance of this stuff that I intuitively agree with. 
Here’s Ben Stein, secret Malibu Republican, published often and with great care, tongue-in-cheek so much, in the American Spectator.  Ben says he loves America and dogs, and that’s why he’s letting them put his picture on the envelope they use to solicit for The American Spectator Foundation.  So what’s that?
It’s one of at least a handful of 501(c)(3) tax-deductible foundations where the benefactors are frothing over the way today’s MainStreamMedia is whitewashing the un-American activities of this administration.  Taking over auto companies?  Shoveling billions into a recovery that isn’t recovering?  Bowing to foreign heads of state?  Shoving government-run health care down your throat whether you like it or not, to the tune of a whole bunch more fees and taxes?  Suing the state of Arizona while doing absolutely nothing to keep thousands of illegal aliens from jumping the fence every day?  My goodness.  If the MainStreamMedia were accurately reporting on the activities of this administration, more people might get the idea that this administration is hell-bent on destroying this country. 
So these handfuls of conservative media think-tanks are hoping to spawn a generation of reporters who will DO THAT.  Don’t ask how they’re going to fit in between Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer, just know that ABC News (which I do watch) is not the only Media in town.  Their agenda is what’s getting sandwiched in between the wash of opinion that abounds everywhere else.  They want to know why the government should spend more on PBS, when PBS is just more left-spew that you can get anywhere.  They want to know why the President hasn’t denounced ACORN for the criminal enterprise it seems to be.  They want to know why this administration is considering the biggest tax increases in history during an economic DEPRESSION (because he won’t say it’s a depression) in the name of "clean energy jobs" or whatever. 
Yep.  The mail is entertaining.  And Christine O’Donnell, or whatever her name is.  I mean people are really annoyed.  No more moderate.  Moderate is how we allowed stuff to get this bad.  No more moderate. 

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