Nice Viper

So, the good people at the Patriot Post are saying, look at this car!  And there’s a website, see, up the side of the picture. 

What with the Christine O’Donnell primary victory I am reminded of a third-party disaster that blew up on us in 1992.  Remember, in 1980, Ronald Reagan was elected and served two terms.  Then his vice-president, George Herbert Walker Bush, won in 1988.  But in 1992, now, that’s when the last third-party stuff took hold. 

I guess we’re lucky it’s the mid-terms.  But apparently Ross Perot had some issues with Bush, and he threw a bunch of his fortune into really slamming the status quo of big government, monster debt, and got everybody excited about term limits and things like that.  He produced at his own expense some infomercials about government economics that were quite startling and paid to air them on national TV. 

Meanwhile, Bush didn’t start his campaign until much later, and it was lackluster at best.  The MainStreaMedia was busy following Bill Clinton all around the country, every night, as he promised everything to everyone. 

The result was that Perot pulled about 20,000,000 votes that maybe would have been for Bush, and you know the rest.  So I’m hoping this tea-party stuff doesn’t do the same thing. 


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