Hello world!

Hi, I just got here from Windows Live and I’m glad I could replace that standard header picture with the sheep in it.  Thanks for that.

Years ago in one of my conservative news feeds I found the story of Queen of Sky.  It was new then.  She had been blogging on journalspace so I had to look.  What I learned from her experience was never to ever post anything ever about where I work. 

I stayed on journalspace for three years.  It actually ran for six.  Right about the time it became too apparent that this bizarre clown might actually be elected president, I started deleting words, pictures, entire posts that I figured his cyberadministration would come looking for.  He just struck me as that bad of a man. 

As luck would have it, there was a disgruntled employee at journalspace who decided to format the whole server.  Everyone lost up to six years’ worth of posts, pictures, music, and videos.  But I didn’t have to dig through my archives looking for things to delete any more. 

WordPress bought the journalspace domain name.  I played there for a while but none of the old crowd seemed to like it.  Windows Live showed promise. 

This would be the broken part of the promise.  I still need to figure out how to insert .jpgs in between the text here.  But I think it can be done. 

Anyway, howdy.  Am I the only one who thinks this upload.php page is really goofy?


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