training mission

That’s it.  That’s all there is to it.  Windows Live is redirecting everything here, and I can’t get back to my tequila-sunrise theme.  Themes is what they call your wallpaper on WordPress. 

I visited my journalspace and discovered a lot of comments from people trying to sell shoes.  Less flexible than this?  Looks the same to me.  I can’t imagine why msn is booting us like this. 

It’s like my doctor.  This little Pakistani woman doctor has been holding my nuts for years, and last week she sends me a letter saying she wants to do research, or something, so she’s dumping me.  But not to worry, she’s found me a new doctor, and her name is Chen Wow Zie.  I’m like (you know what we always say) “fuck” and it’s exactly like being booted off to WordPress.  But we shall try. 

This morning we find the Muslim-in-Chief campaigning for his failed policies at college campuses and backyards of the clueless.  His approval rating is only above 50% among 18 to 24 year olds, which should tell them something:  GROW UP!  Quick.  You have 5 weeks. 

Something must be done about all this.  Anyway, welcome to WordPress, let’s be a legend in our own mind and welcome WordPress to comdude’s barn.  That’s not backwards.


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