Word Press Migration

I was going to write about how happy I am, sitting here with a new wire spool in the kitchen, listening to an old Bob Seger, having just spoken with my favorite girl in the whole world and finding out she got the birthday present I sent.  It doesn’t even take that much, usually.  But here we have disturbing news that the Windows Live Blog is moving to WordPress. 
I suppose I should have just watched Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman slug it out in their first debate tonight.  Why WordPress?  You’d think msn could handle anything.  Now we have to convert or die, like radical Islam.  Anyway I’m not as happy as I was before I found that out.  I was using words that violate the Windows Live Code of Conduct.  Now we have to get used to different terms of service, and different levels of access, and… oh, but on WordPress there’s more people who like to write stuff.  So that could be fun.  Nobody I know writes anything here.  Not much at all.  Hmm.

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