that’s scrappy

Rest in peace to Tony Curtis, 85, Las Vegas, Nevada. 

So immediately after the first debate, here’s Gloria Allred.  She’s produced a nine-year employee of Meg Whitman, housekeeper, illegal alien, with horrible tales of human rights violations.  Meg?  That’s what you get for not doing your own dishes. 

And that’s also why I’ll never run for publick office.  I don’t have any illegal employess.  I have ex-girlfriends.  35 years’ worth of them.  Every one is clearly an ex, too. 

I think what’s more relevant is, who is your favorite cheerleader on Hellcats?  There aren’t that many characters to pick from.  I like Savannah.  Lip gloss all the time.  Oooh. 

That Gloria Allred, boy, you better hope she doesn’t know anybody you know.


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