How about those all-powerful all-knowing sons of bitches who can’t even make it rain once, so I can sleep late instead of getting up at 4AM to water?  I should keep a lid on that.  The rain will get here soon enough. 

I can’t emphasize enough the need to keep up with what’s happening.  When you have so much advance notice, and you ignore it, and then it becomes a crisis…

There’s this guy who’s been really annoying everyone.  It seems his goal is to plunge the area into chaos with all the crazy plans and misguided ideology, like every day he’s done something new.  People are overwhelmed.  It’s a crisis.  We can’t even respond to a real crisis because we’re too busy paying attention to this guy’s nonsense.  I bet you know who I’m talking about. 

Let’s be clear.  In ten minutes I’m turning off the sprinklers and starting laundry.  I can handle that.  But it’s only the beginning, you see, because I have water nazis who tell me when I can water.  It’s now convenient to get up at 4AM, water until 6 when they say I have to stop, and get on down to the laundry.  Whatever the previous watering regimen was, is now forgotten.  The water nazis are in power around here. 

time – bye


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