yay happy adventures

Every so often I plan an escape that takes a little coordination, with a few other people and companies and things.  I’ve done it enough that they give me points and miles to cash in, so I can save a little on the fares.  I can’t tell you what motivates me to do this, or who all the other parties are, or the itinerary, or anything like that.  But sometimes I post pictures after the fact. 

Right now the rentacar reservation system is giving me grief.  It’s screwed up on line, and it’s screwed up on the phone too.  I ended up calling the office at the far end and getting a confirmation number out of the poor guy who answered the phone.  Eventually that should appear on the big screen here, once the office workers come back to work on Monday and reboot the systems. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s sweltering hot or freezing cold, either.  I’m just thankful I have places to go and good people at the other end to hang out with.  Nobody knows what our restless spirits will come up with, but we all seem to agree it has to be somewhere else. 

Not that I’m terribly dissatisfied where I am.  They give me things to do, and places to go, and a place to live, and hobbies, and reasonable compensation.  It’s just that so far they haven’t given me one of these.


These, you have to get on your own.

I changed pictures so I wouldn’t upset anybody.


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