my new bottle

I’ve been looking at this bottle for a while now.  They’re expensive.  I remember hearing it’s good stuff, though, if you intend to keep moving past a certain age, and some of your movements are… strenuous?  The two go together, apparently, and the label says “helps rebuild cartilage and lubricate joints.”  What’s in the bottle is glucosamine and chondroitin. 

I can’t say when someone might decide they need to start rebuilding their cartilage and lubricating their joints.  You have to keep up with yourself.  Or guess.  Or some other method of self-preservation.  I just picked a point in time and started collecting bottles. 

I only have three.  I had others but they are gone now.  I don’t have anything bad to say about vitamins, but I don’t want so many bottles that I confuse myself.  If I can’t swallow them all at once, I might have too many. 

Paul Harvey always told us to take Citracal, and Paul was always right.  Mine says “calcium citrate with vitamin D plus magnesium + 4 other bone health minerals.”  The second bottle is “Spring Valley omega-3 salmon oil.”  So now I have a third bottle.  I’m not rattling.  I’m up at 4 watering the lawn and it’s a bit colder this morning. 

Decisions, decisions.  Here they are, warning people that Al Qaeda is planning to target high-profile tourist destinations in Europe, Mumbai-style.  Those would be suicide missions where they send in, say, four commando-types with automatic weapons to kill as many people as possible before the local SWAT team eliminates them all.  Traditionally they get a handful of Americans among the body count.  Whenever they do it, they use the same justification the Barbary pirates used for a thousand years:  the Koran says it’s OK. 

We say it’s criminal, or maybe we say it’s an act of war.  Some branch of our bureaucracy is warning travelers that there’s a higher risk in Europe than usual, and why.  Well, maybe partly why. 

Prior to the 2008 elections, the figure we always used was that there are 80,000,000 law-abiding gun owners in the US.  That figure went up dramatically as people began to realize (or imagine, if you insist) the meaning of an Obamastration.  But is it really just a matter of time before we receive credible intelligence that Al Qaeda has commando plans in the US? 

We the People.  We’ll have to secure our neighborhoods so we can guarantee the safety of the guys who are coming to replace the water heater, or anything else that gets damaged.  It’s time to turn the sprinklers off.


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