multiple tidbits

Dialup: “The waiting is the hardest part.”


Most Disturbing News Story:  Joe Degravio of Stockton, California had some model of Hewlett-Packard portable computer, a Mini or a Pavilion or something.  The apparent scenario was that the computer was on his coffee table, and he had the charger connected.  The power cord features a little transformer box in line between the PC and the wall outlet.  Joe claims he left the room for five minutes, and when he returned, his eight-month-0ld daughter had third-degree burns on her ankle from the transformer box.  The article features a picture of a baby leg with what appears to be a patch of ground beef in the vicinity of the ankle.

Joe claims his daughter had skin graft surgery at Shriner’s Hospital in Sacramento to repair the damaged leg.  Shriner’s does kid surgeries for free, based on some qualifications I don’t know. 

Joe is planning to file a lawsuit against Hewlett-Packard. 

The comment board below the story was full of speculations as always, people complaining about their HPs, people questioning Joe’s story, people saying Child Protective Services should investigate Joe.  But it appeared that Joe was on the comment board too, right there refuting all of them.  Yes, the appearance was that Joe Degravio was telling everyone on the comment board that it happened just the way he said, in great detail and with much emphasis.  (Any attorney representing Joe would have advised him not to be posting on a comment board about his own story.)  Within hours the comment board had been disabled. 

Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that keyboard in your hand?


Fortune cookie fortune:  “Reach for the high apples first, you can get the low ones any time.”  Ew, the low ones. 


It seems that one of Jerry Brown’s aides left a voice mail message in which he described Meg Whitman as a whore.  This is a top news story.  (Jerry Brown, not Jerry Springer.)

Prior to the coalescing of any recognizable campaign, Jerry was out jogging and told a reporter that Meg Whitman’s media blitz was reminiscent of Joseph Goebbels’s Nazi propaganda machine. 

But this latest tidbit is an actual in-campaign utterance, which is bound to resonate with the millions of women in California who have been called whores. 

Please, God, don’t let me ever run for publick office. 


The earlier photo below, in the post “yay happy adventures,” deserves credit.  I have no idea who that is.  A friend sent me a SYBSTD e-mail (Send Your Buddy Some Titties Day) and that’s where I got the picture from. 

The original picture was an actual photo from a road trip, in which I persuaded my partner in crime to pose as a hitchhiker at the side of an endless-looking deserted two-lane road.  She’s quite attractive.  I figure most American men would stop if they saw that.  But having posted actual photos of actual people in my blog before, and then having been royally chewed out for having done it, I decided to replace the original picture with the well-rounded model with the overbite kneeling on the motorcycle.  You may comment.


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