red neck furniture

I brought home another wire spool.  It isn’t very often that I see a new empty wire spool that doesn’t have a cardboard spindle or plywood ends.  In the old days, wire spools were made entirely from solid oak.  This one seems to be like that. 

The other thing I liked about this spool was that it looked short.  It stands 17 inches high, on its side.  I figured it would make a great speaker stand. 

It replaces another wire spool that I’ve had for years.  It was a great end table, with its AT&T markings on it.  On the spindle are stenciled the words “dispose in field” and “do not return” to let you know it was OK with them if you brought it home.  I will miss the way a generation of cats has clawed that spool until all the square edges are round and splintered. 

This new spool is also nearly 30 inches in diameter.  Right away you want to tighten the spindle nuts to make sure none of them are loose.  However, the threaded rods usually stick out a bit, and this creates a stability problem.  Stability is important if you are putting a big heavy speaker on the spool.  On this particular spool the threaded rods stick out nearly half an inch. 

You’d be surprised how clean you can cut a threaded rod with a hacksaw while it’s still in the spool.  A metal file can be used to remove the sharp edges, leaving a smooth, shiny end at both ends of each threaded rod.  For an added degree of stability, I used a staple gun to attach some spare carpet pad which I cut to fit the entire round “bottom” of the spool. 

You may ask, who the hell has spare carpet pad?  I had some left over from when I put the carpet under the camper shell on my 4-wheel drive pickup truck.  Now the spool is stable, sturdy, and not scratching the asbestos tile on my living room floor.  Now it’s time to sit back and watch “Beer For My Horses” with Toby Keith, Rodney Carrington, Ted Nugent, Tom Skerritt, Willie Nelson, Barry Corbin, Mel Tillis… shoot, they make movies to go with this furniture.


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