Their Guy vs. Our Guy

I thought this was hilarious.  It’s not accurate, by any means, but it does give certain impressions that are hard to deny. 

Not long ago, Vladimir Putin decided to run for president again (in Russia, not here) so he went out and had himself photographed for his campaign, doing all these manly things.  Check out this collage.


OK.  Hunting, riding horses, no shirt, karate, fishing, and harpooning, no less.  This one macho dude here fixin’ to guide the former Soviet ship of state.  Oh boy. 

Now, our own MainStreamMedia likes to plaster the image of our guy on the cover of every freakin’ kind of magazine you can imagine, since before the 2008 election, and I was getting nauseated by all that.  Just too much Obama.  They follow this guy like baby ducks follow their mama duck, taking pictures everywhere.  This is the collage some patriot came up with for our guy.

Let's just say he's an Urban Legend. I wish.

There’s a perception that the man is simply inept.  What I’m getting is that he really believes he can divide the country with classist rhetoric, and convince you he can make poor people richer by making rich people poorer, and so on.  What I’m getting is that if he can make more people dependent on government for everything, he will increase the voter base for his party for generations to come. 

But he just looks a lot sillier than Putin here.


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