vote dammit

I mailed my absentee ballot yesterday.  What a bunch of research!  And that’s probably the most disturbing thing about the process.  Let me give you an example. 

If I can remember it correctly.  Proposition 20 and 27 are both about redistricting.  Now in the past, the state legislature has been responsible for redistricting.  This is where they divide up the state into districts for state senators and assemblymembers, and representatives in congress.  The governor has to agree, and if there are serious arguments the state supreme court decided the outcome.  But it was determined that there was some inherent problem if the legislators maybe redistrict in such a way that it benefits them come re-election time. 

So in 2008, Proposition 11 passed, which established a citizens redistricting committee, to be composed of 5 Democrats, 5 Republicans, and 4 “others” who would do the redistricting according to some really strict and fair rules, enforceable on this committee.  And we voted and passed this proposition by some narrow margin, giving this committee the responsibility of redistricting for state senators and assemblymembers. 

Proposition 20 adds the responsibility of redistricting for members of the House of Representatives to the committee. 

Proposition 27 dissolves the committee and returns the entire responsibility for redistricting to the state legislature.

Now if you have followed all this, you may be ahead of some of our actual voters.  Some of us have no idea what’s on the ballot until we first see the ballot on November 2.  Some of us vote for a candidate seeing their name for the first time on November 2.  Some of us maybe read the first 25 words of a proposition and decide based on that, without knowing what it says. 

I guess I’m ranting about voter ignorance but voter ignorance is how a lot of people get elected, and how a lot of propositions get passed, in California.


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