The Offensive Billboard they removed

The only reason it's disturbing is because it's true.

Thanks to MSNBC and the magic of the internet, we can show you this colorfol billboard for possibly decades after it was recently torn down in Colorado.  The caricatures are all of the same guy, from the Left:  Obama Bin Laden, Fidel Obama, El Cartel Obama, and Homobama.  “People of all descriptions” objected to the billboard and the traffic problems caused by spectators stopping to look and look again.  It has been removed. 

As recently as John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who said, “Ask not what your country can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your country,” being a Democrat has not always meant the same thing it means now.  Today it’s backwards.  Cash for clunkers?  Since when has it ever been a function of government to assist the citizens in replacing an old car?  Today you can find millions of Americans who have learned how to play the game, who USED to be among the “34 million” who had no health coverage.  But today, if you refuse to do for yourself, who in government do you turn to, to get the government to do it for you? 

Shame on a bunch of us.  Meanwhile we have a perpetually vacationing president who supports a victory mosque on the site of the World Trade Center, socialism that puts everyone at the same level of poverty, lawsuits against the state of Arizona for trying to defend itself against what can only be described as an invasion, and a social engineering effort to integrate the US armed forces with openly gay service members.  There’s a pattern here.

The only offensive thing about this billboard is that it’s true.


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