obsolescence. wtf

I used to use Gillette Trak II.  Or maybe it was Atra. 

One day I was at the Sentry grocery store in what is now Shasta Lake City, shopping with my sisteh, which was always a lot of fun.  Really.  And I saw this razor that looked like a brake lever on a mountain bike.  It was yellow, and rounded at the end, like a brake lever.  So I put it in the basket.  It was called Schick Tracer FX.  I thought it was cool-lookin’. 

Finding Schick Tracer FX razor blade refills wasn’t so difficult, at first.  I don’t change blades very often.  But I noticed, and you might notice, that among all the razor blade refills you can find at the grocery store, Schick Tracer FX might not be there.  What I kept finding was these triple-blade transformer monstrosities, as if you’d miss something if your razor only has two blades on it. 

I discovered a cache of Schick Tracer FX blades at Wal*Mart.  This was before they remodeled.  So I got some, but I didn’t go crazy or anything.  I figured they would always have Schick Tracer FX razor blade refills.   

But they did remodel.  And they went through their inventory and decided what to keep, and what to discontinue.  And today, there are no more Schick Tracer FX razor blade refills at Wal*Mart.  Or at least, at the one where I shop.  Or anywhere else in town where I’ve looked. 

I have sixteen Schick Tracer FX razor blade refills.  This might actually last two or three years.  But it’s coming, dude, every time I have completely exhausted a Schick Tracer FX razor blade and put a new one on the handle, I will be that much closer making that decision again.

In other news, Iowa Hill, California, is getting telephone service.  I’ve been to Iowa Hill a couple of times.  It’s in the canyon near the north fork of the American River.  The road to Iowa Hill doesn’t have lanes, you know, it’s very curvy.  All this time they haven’t had copper wires going to their houses for telephone service.  The last time anyone in Iowa Hill communicated with the outside world may have been by telegraph.  They have cellular service in a few places but it’s in the forest, in the canyon, so it’s only reliable in certain spots. 

So they’ve never had dialup internet, or cable TV.  Some people have satellite systems, I think. 

There’s a place in California called Boonville, where they have a pay phone out there by the road where you can see it, and at the top of the booth the sign says “Bucky Walter.”  That’s because at one time, in Boonville, if you wanted to use a phone, you had to go over to Bucky Walter’s house, because he was the only guy in town who had a phone.  Strange but true.

Iowa Hill once elected a horse for mayor.  This is refreshing when you consider we’d all be better off if we had a horse for president.  A whole horse, not just a horse’s ass. 

So happy Monday.  Welcome to America, the land of old things that might be new to you; of new things that are now obsolete; and of horses’ asses trying to run the whole thing.


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