there ain’t a filter big enough

I just give up.  I don’t even read the stuff any more.  It goes in a pile on the floor, or a folder, where it will sit until November 2 and then I will promptly discard or recycle with much fanfare. 

They got my attention.  I found them on line.  I saw the endorsements.  I’ve seen the commercials, and some of them are very misleading.  They send oversized glossy color blurbs that clog my P. O. box.  They get me in the e-mail every single day, from every angle, from economic solutions to calls for impeachment.  

I already voted.  I can ignore a lot of this, but it keeps coming.  I was fed up two years ago.  It was obvious then.  And there are still people who aren’t paying attention? 

The sad truth is that it won’t really be over in two weeks.  The election will, but the war for the soul of the republic will rage on. 

We used to sing a song that almost went like this:

“Around her neck, she wore a yellow ribbon

“She wore it in the springtime, in the merry month of May

“And if you asked her why the hell she wore it

“She wore it for her soldier who was openly gay”

Far away, far away… Well, you can rule from the bench, but you can’t tell people what to think of it.  And it is divisive, in an organization which only has one purpose.  It may not fly. 

No, you can’t tell me nothin’.  We played “moderate” and look what we got.  But part of it will be over temporarily soon.


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