rainin like a sonomabitch

We can’t do this stuff in real time.  But if we could, you’d see that northern California’s Doppler radar is extremely green right now.  I’d take a picture but I don’t want to get the camera wet.  (good excuse)  But it’s real wet out there. 

Last night I fired up the wood stove and brought the barn from 70F to 75F.  It’s not that cold out.  I had the kitchen window open the whole time.  I seasoned both cast iron skillets with olive oil and heated up a can of chili.  I’m a big fan of Stagg’s chili. 

Bob the Cat let me know he thought it was cool, that I fired up the wood stove.  He likes it. 

Around here, Bob is the original Fire Cat.

Ion Television was running a good movie called The Siege last night.  It’s about radical Islamists raising hell in New York City, with Denzel Washington as the FBI agent who’s trying to figure it all out.  And Bruce Willis as an army general rounding up suspects.  And Annette Bening as a CIA agent who knows a whole lot more than she’s telling anyone.  Released in 1998, this pre-nineleven thriller is sure to open blind eyes to the possibilities of jihad in our midst.  Get your liberal friends in front of the TV for this one.  (“Silence!  I kill you!”  No kidding.) 

I was going to give an honorable mention to the stove nazis.  They have a website.  I think it’s http://www.sparetheair.com/burncheck.cfm but it’s not active yet.  It’s active from November thru February.  They go out and measure the particulate matter in the air, see how it stands up against federal guidelines, and then tell us whether or not we can burn wood in our stoves. 

There are four stages.  One is “burn if you want.”  Two is “oh please don’t burn.”  Three is “you can only burn if you have an exemption.”  Four is “you better not burn at all.”  They can fine you fifty bucks.  I’ve never been fined.  My exemption is that my stove is EPA2 compliant. 

How do they enforce this?  I don’t know.  I think they count on people turning their neighbors in who burn when they aren’t supposed to burn.  They could fly over with a helicopter and infra-red, though, if they wanted to, and see who’s burning. 

I just call them the stove nazis.  We have to check the website to see if we can burn or not.  So if you have a stove and no internet, I guess you’re living dangerously.


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