oooo scary

It's so loud up there.

Today we’re going with pictures.  This one has a Vincent Van Gogh feel to it.  The bridge appears to go over a waterfall, which city-folk voters may have never seen.  Bazillions of gallons of water crash down in a deafening roar.  But that’s not really what the cartoon is about. 

It's worse now. Has she run out of Schwartz yet?

This clever photoshop puts the Speaker of the House on the venerable frame of Yoda.  My apologies to his fans, of which I am one.  When asked if Obamacare was constitutional, the Speaker replied, “Are you serious?” 

Well, yes, requiring people who don’t have something to buy one is serious.  The impact on the insurance industry is deafening, like the waterfall above.  Truths about the insurance industry in response to Obamacare are still being played out. 

I’ve always believed insurance is a kind of rip-off.  At an early age many of us are exposed to CAR insurance.  This is money you pay against an eventuality that may never occur, but statistically, some day, you may crash into something.  If you look at the big building where the insurance company is, and you count a hundred employees in that company, you know they must be operating at some kind of profit, likely from your premiums. 

Insurance is based on actuarial information, carefullly collected and processed.  If the insurer is required to cover someone who has a certainty of needing coverage, i. e., a “pre-existing condition,” they may do so by charging the applicant at a much higher rate.  Or, they may choose to spread that liability across all their insureds and make everyone pay a higher rate.  With increasing regularity, insurers may even choose to drop the kind of coverage they offer, because it’s too much of a hassle to keep offering it. 

Obamacare the bill was around 2000 pages.  You can’t expect a blogger to cover it all in one post.  And while it was a huge bill, and is now a huge law that people are scrambling to figure out and decide what they’ll have to offload to manage under it, it is Just One.  There are Many. 

“The Dark Ages” is when we decided what mattered.

This weekend, I understand that a couple of comedians from some cable channel are entertaining people with some sham rallies to “restore sanity” and “keep fear alive.”

Let’s be clear.  The First Amendment gives them the right to do that.  It seems to entertain people.  But for a couple of cable clowns to somehow redefine publick policy is in itself a joke, and an insult to the ingenuity of the people who built the machine.  The founding principles of the republic, as envisioned by the authors of the Constitution, is what permits these cable shenanigans.  For the cable clowns to denounce those principles, and for allegedly responsible citizens to accept that denunciation,  is folly and madness.  
So, happy Halloween!  By tomorrow the costumed children will have disappeared, gone home and stuffed themselves sick with candy.  By Tuesday we can only hope the highly-compensated cable clowns have not proceeded in the polls to found a different republic based on their short-sighted “humor.”  Our sanity and our fears are not to be mocked.

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