“it’s historic”

Sometimes the mothers are more interesting.

I should be prouder that the San Francisco Giants won the World Series.  It’s a great thing!  Historic, in the sense that it’s their first World Series win since they moved to San Francisco, whenever that was.  I’m sure I’ll find out more after the fact, than I ever cared to know before the fact. 

I’ve never had the patience to sit through a baseball game.  It’s a character defect, I guess.  Wall Street Journal reports another historic fact:  more people watched Sunday Night Football with the Saints and the Steelers than watched the World Series.  Something like 3 million more.  They haven’t figured out that we had to watch something while we waited for the trick-or-treaters who took their sweet time getting here. 

My excuse is that football season most closely coincides with “winter,” when I am more likely to be IN the barn than outside the barn.  That, plus that when I was a poor white child, my daddy taught me to like them Saltine Warriors up at Syracuse University on the football field.  It could be that football is more fun to watch.  Besides, once you’re hooked on the drama, it becomes a lot more mandatory.  I was watching when Bret Favre took that hit to the chin on Sunday.  You worry about people like that.  But it’s historic, all right, we should celebrate the Giants, in lots of ways.  yawn CrAsH zzzzzz


Distracted driving.  Why is it that CB radio use never stirred up the legislators before?  Truckers and rednecks have always had the ability to talk on the CB and drive at the same time.  Mobile amateur radio operators are particularly inconvenienced.  It’s an insult to our intelligence when people like Arnold sign bills into law, telling us we’re not smart enough to talk on the phone and drive at the same time. 

You have to throw in the idiot factor.  Suddenly, people who never were meant to talk and drive at the same time came into the possession of cellular phones.  Baby mama daddy drama behind the wheel annoys the piss out of the driver who suddenly can’t distinguish brake lights right in front of him/her. 

Some of us should get a pass on that, but with the new regulatory frenzy of big government, your only remaining intelligent choice is to resist any impulse when your little phone starts ringing.  Phone nazis. 

I still know how to open a thermos and pour coffee when I’m waiting at a traffic light.  It’s a thrill.


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