What the Hell Happened in California??!?

Dear friends, tonight I opened my calendar from the USO and was reminded that we have normal citizens who wear our country’s uniform in far-off places around the world, many of whom are in God-awful hell-holes like Iraq and Afghanistan, trying to keep the perpetrators of radical Islam holed up where they were born, so they can’t come over here and detonate themselves in our grocery stores. 

I was a soldier once.  That’s why I like the USO.  Some of the troops have told us in circular forwarded e-mails that the best thing we can do for them, is what was done on Tuesday, November 2nd.  The Democrats are now a minority in the House of Representatives, and no longer have 60 seats in the Senate.  My Commander in Chief was Ronald Reagan.  We had a good time.  I can tell you stories. 

But tonight I’m feeling apologetic a little bit, because the fervor that swept most of the United States leading up to the election did not seem to catch on much in my home state of California, where every constitutional state office was won by Democrats. 

Not every office, mind you.  We still have Dan Lungren and Tom McClintock and Darrell Issa in Congress.  We just didn’t offload Senator Barbara Boxer, or Nancy Pelosi, two very annoying legislators who embarrass us a lot whenever they get up and speak to the nation. 

I have a Meg Whitman joke for you.  After the election, Meg tells her husband, “Honey, don’t look in the bank, OK?”  So of course, he looks, and says, “A Hundred and Forty Million Dollars?  What did you get?”  Meg rolls her eyes and smiles and says, “Oh, nothing.”

There are a few analysts on Wall Street who study the economies of all 50 states and report on which ones are fiscally sound.  Some encourage business by lowering taxes.  Some wean their poor from social programs and turn them into productive members of society.  Some steer clear of environmental legislation that will annoy everyone but the tree huggers.  This handful of analysts today points to California as the closest thing we have to a failed state.  As of Tuesday, perhaps you understand why.  What happened on Tuesday in California is really something that happened a long, long time ago. 

An old photograph of the Eagles, with Linda Ronstadt and her boyfriend, Governor Jerry Brown.

They tell us there are one million more registered Democrat voters in California than there are registered Republican voters.  The independents are growing, and you might wonder what the hell they did to offset this nostalgia trip.  I’ll try to tell you what I did. 

I supported Dana Walsh in the primary for Nancy Pelosi’s seat.  Dana lost her primary, and whoever won did not defeat Pelosi.  I also supported Chuck DeVore in the primary for Barbara Boxer’s seat.  Chuck lost, Carly Fiorina won, I supported her, and there you go.  I did not support anyone else running in California because I know there are a Million More Voters. 
Instead, I networked with my friends across the country.  There were about 25 Iraq veterans running for various congressional seats.  I decided to focus on the Senate, because the Senate is the body that confirms US Supreme Court justices, and the last two sets of confirmation hearings were horseshit.   
I saw billboards in Nevada blasting Harry Reid.  I supported Sharron Angle after she won her primary.  One pundit is saying Sharron lost because she’s female, and the Christians wanted a man.  So we’re not past that yet.  How sexist of all those Democrats.  But we understand Harry Reid had the support of Nevada’s gambling industry.  Roll ’em, baby. 
I supported Marco Rubio in Florida.  He won.  I also supported David Vitter in Louisiana, and Mike Crapo in Idaho, and John McCain in Arizona, and Rand Paul in Kentucky.  They all won. 
But Star Parker, 37th congressional district including Compton, Carson, and Long Beach, raised 1.1 million dollars, twice as much as her opponent, and lost to an incumbent.  Clint Didier, owner of two Super Bowl rings, lost his primary in Washington.  Christine O’Donnell was parodied on Saturday Night Live and lost in Delaware.  So you win some and you lose some.  I still don’t know the outcomes in Colorado and Alaska. 
In my next entry I promise to delve more into the collective brain of California’s voters and try a little harder to explain what the hell is going on in there.  There were nine ballot propositions and it appears that some of the voters understood some of them. 
Let me just leave you with one of the outcomes.  The voters in San Francisco yesterday voted to outlaw the toys that come in the Happy Meals.  This is to make some kind of statement about childhood obesity, I think.  But McDonald’s is an affordable option for most Americans, and the toy isn’t necessarily “bait.”  Who suffers?  Why, the children, of course.  No toy with your Happy Meal in San Francisco.  All gone.  I’m thinking this was one of the bigger issues, too. 

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3 Responses to What the Hell Happened in California??!?

  1. buxom9412 says:

    No one remembers what Brown did not do for California, like finish roads. Just in Northern California Hwy 12,4 and 37 were never worked on after he messed them up. No one talks about him putting in Rose Bird and messing up the courts made all the death penalties to life without parole. They never really covered issues, just name calling. Boxer well she is a piece of work and I wrote to Texas in my blog telling them I was ashamed of her speech last night. Hope someone there sees we care about more than ourselves.

    • comdude says:

      I’m sure Carly would have been a much better senator. It would have broken with the tradition of Boxer-Feinstein-Pelosi and people would not be laughing at us so much.

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