my hottest roommate ever

Ya, I’m a moron sometimes. 

One day I walked into a local convenience store and saw this woman standing back by the coolers.  She was smiling and she seemed to be looking right at me.  I thought to myself, could this be a customer from around here? 

So I walked toward this dazzling beauty, only to discover that she was a poster-board Budweiser babe.  But that didn’t discourage me one bit.  I asked Ahmed if I could take her home with me.  He had another one still in the box and he sold her to me for $20.

I don’t care.  She’s still hot, and she always has beers on hand.  The only thing is you might get the idea she’s got it all going on in the right places, but when you get up close you find out she’s as flat as a board. 

When she turns sideways, she disappears.


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