hangin’ out, down the street

Gnshh.  Happy Veterans Day, yesterday.  Thank a veteran.  You’re welcome.  If I had a scanner I could post some of the pictures from the crazy times we had in the Army. 

I have a neighbor who was a Navy SEAL in Viet Nam.  I run into lots of veterans, without even looking for them. 

Our biggest contribution was keeping the Russians on the other side of the Iron Curtain until the Berlin Wall came tumbling down.  Now the Russians are here.  They couldn’t wait to pack up their babushka and move to the Peeple’s Republik of Kalifornia.  Quite honestly, we were better off without them.  But they are legal immigrants, so I suppose we can’t complain a whole bunch really loud. 

Yes, we can.  Just not here.  We have to let people find out the hard way what’s going on.  I didn’t log in just to complain about the Russians. 

I could tell you about all the concrete I broke up yesterday, or all the firewood I burned last night.  I guess I’m just staying off the radar for a few days.  But yeah, I was a soldier once.  It was fun.  It was the biggest boys club in the world.  We had standards.  Everybody had to be squared away.  Clean your room, make your bed, shine your boots, do your laundry, wash the mud off your vehicle and check all the fluid levels in it.  Get a haircut in accordance with AR670-1.  Most of that stuff I don’t do any more but the vehicles are still critical.  There’s other stuff now. 

Right down the street from ya.  Bet you didn’t even know.  It’s all right.  Oops, just got an e-mail alert.  Gotta get up.  There’s another crisis to take care of.  Hahah.  Don’t you wish everybody was squared away?  And you’re welcome again.  Damn.


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