they touched my junk

Yesterday they emptied the green barrel in front of my house.  This morning they seem to be stranded in the fog.  Garbage truck crashed into the center divide on the rural end of one of our four-lane roads.  There’s a traffic light there, too, so the fog must be pretty thick… or maybe it’s just the driver.

Rangel!  Fixin’ to be found guilty.  I have yet to research this brave American who made a big deal out of the new TSA body search at the airport in San Diego.  My guess is I will go through a TSA checkpoint myself before I get through reading this guy’s blog.  But it’s out there.  I have yet to refer to my nads as “junk,” or say “shout out,” or tell someone to talk to my hand.


I actually had a good time at the mom’s Sunday.  Leaves are falling off the oaks, but my father’s Hewlett-Packard lawnmower vacuumed them up off the lawn really well.  He sure did buy an electric lawnmower, so I’m out there whipping this extension cord around behind me.

Pruning a palm tree is fun too.  It’s more like sculpting.  I can’t describe it much better than that.  If you’re not careful, the palm tree can scratch you up pretty bad.  A successful pruning, which I did, is one where you do more damage to the tree than it does to you.

It’s all about low stress.  If the mom has clutter, just walk around it.  Saying anything will not make it better.  If you do these things well, you get eggplant parmigiana.  Let her feed the cats.  It’s what makes her happy.


So I called Xfinity and a hottie named Angelique promised me up to 15 megabits.  I signed up.  You’re not guaranteed 15 megabits.  If nobody else is using the system, you might get 15 megabits.  But 20 bucks is 20 bucks.

The On Demand part works, but if you’re not a Showtime subscriber already, you can’t watch Weeds.  This limits your choices a lot.  I tried watching an episode of The Time Tunnel and an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  The audio is steady, the video is jerky, and you still get freaking commercials.

However, my anti-virus is fully upgraded to the next version, and so is my sexy browser.  In just minutes.  So that’s good.  I suppose it’s nice to know I can watch anything any time if they have it, unless I’m not subscribed to it already.  But 20 bucks is 20 bucks.


(sigh) I like this.  I really like this.

I think this is good enough for a desktop. Ashley Tisdale wallpaper. It's hard to stop looking.

She could touch my junk.  I’d shout out.  My junk would talk to her hand.  I’m sure nobody is reading this.


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