on anonymity, animalimity, something

Some people wait until they have enough cool stuff to post.  I just like to write.  I have learned from other peoples’ mistakes in the blogosphere.  I wish never to pay an attorney for anything ever again.

I’ve reached a comfortable plateau.  I could blog about it, but then I’d run the risk that I first learned about from the example of QueenOfSky.  Feel free to Google that.  Ellen is a legend now, still living a life, and working on a screenplay about her experience.  She had some quiet online notoriety for her adventures until some suits decided to fire her over the content of her blog.

That kind of excitement is something I prefer to avoid.  Let’s just say they’re paying me more than they were paying Ellen.  While that event may have catapulted her into a whole other realm where she’s thriving, I am adverse to being catapulted by anything.  I like my stuff right where it is.  Some changes you can’t avoid, but some you can.  And I like pictures.

She lived to be 21.

Some things are harder to refuse than others.

I wish this could be the view from my living room window.


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