the american music awards

Relative to the spectacle of the awards show, this post is lame.  I was hungry and I turned on the TV in time to see Jeopardy.  It just stayed on while I ate, started the fire, cleaned some more obsolete junk off my desk, and cooked up a can of chili.  The effects of all that are still lingering this morning, hence the title of my post. 

I get the AMA.  It’s all new music.  The legends we know are either reclining comfortably on their royalties, putzing around in studios, or incorporating some kind of concert schedule into their retirement years.  None of them appear on the AMA.  Bon Jovi belongs in that group.  Anybody who throws in a lyric about hope and change and then smiles at the camera needs to be investigated and fined by the Federal Election Commission.  They have to be able to find somebody less politically correct than Bon Jovi for the old-fart performance on the AMA. 

I get Rihanna.  I get Taylor Swift.  I get Enrique Iglesias.  There were some good energetic performances.  I was trying to get Katy Perry but I kept looking at what she was wearing, and how she was fitting into it, and I’m wondering if she’s been taking it easy too soon in her career.  It took work to create the initial visual Katy Perry.  Well, as long as she’s happy, I guess that’s what we should say.  Lots of sparks. 

I have to disqualify myself.  I am unable to “get” Justin Bieber.  I get Pink.  I get Christina Aguilera.  I get Usher.  I’m wondering when is a good time to turn this off and go nappy.  What did it for me was Train.  You’d have laughed.  This guy is squeaking out “marry me” and I’m OH GOD this SUCKS and turned it off.  You’re welcome. 

One thing that stuck in my pointy head was that I got Kid Rock.  Not usually.  I wonder if you can go to and play back his performance.  It was a very sobering tune about how Detroit is going down the tubes.  It was very inspired.  I don’t have time to pull up a graphic but you know, Detroit has been going down the tubes for years.  It’s times like these that makes us who we are.  Or something. 

This leads into the argument that people are going to want electric green cars.  I’ve seen a few Smart cars on the road.  Good God.  No way.  However, this must be the land of the Toyota Prius.  Maybe I’m just not that evolved.  I peeked at the article about the retro muscle cars, the Camaro, the Mustang, the Challenger.  I can see doing that.  Or maybe something close.  But not a Prius. 

I wonder if you ever watch MI5.  It’s a Brrritish series on PBS, about the potential for radical Islamic terrorism in the UK.  It’s real thinky.  It’s fiction, based in reality, I think.  The Saudis were trying to acquire nuclear power because they saw that in a few years they were going to run out of oil.  Imagine a world where the Saudis have run out of oil. 

What are we going to do about all the suffering in the world?  The AMA is not a cure.  If anything it’s been part of the cause.  But it does serve to remind us that the performing arts is an insulated bubble, maybe to be preserved if we can afford it, I don’t know.  AMA is not necessarily in touch with reality but quite the spectacle none the less.  Apparently disco still exists too, in some form.  After all, the entertainment industry did survive the Great Depression.  Kid Rock.  My goodness.


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