it’s a matter of taste

Why are there fat kids in America?  You mean, as opposed to Ethiopia?

Why does a noisy shouting angry rap star object to the sentimental teenage murmurings of a country pop star?

What makes all this crap news?  I think it’s the fact that it’s divisive.  Do you want some hefty government figure telling you what to eat?  Can’t you figure out nutrition for yourself?

I ran across some divisive stuff about Thanksgiving.  Really.  Thanksgiving.  Well, that was yesterday, so now we can look forward to some more divisive stuff about Pearl Harbor and Christmas.

I guess, if you don’t agree that our way of life is worth preserving, then you can do something else.  However, I think it’s a good idea to preserve it anyway, just in case you change your mind whenever you grow up.

It’s a lot like Seinfeld, when they invented a holiday called “Festivus,” “for the rest of us.”  Do whatever the fuck.  At some point you will see advantages to the system that’s already in place.

I knew a guy who disconnected himself from the grid and ran a generator for electricity.  He was protesting the high charges from the utility company, and how some girls just couldn’t afford it.  I suppose he made his point.  He doesn’t live in a shack any more.  He’s got a big new house and he pays the utility company.  It’s easier.

I was always connected to the gas company for heat.  I also had a lot of trees, and whenever I’d prune them, I always wondered if I should get a wood-burning stove so I could use all these prunings to make heat.  Maybe 8 years ago I finally had a wood-burning appliance company install this little stove in the kitchen.  It was all rated for the amount of square feet I have and everything.  It’s great.

However, when the T outside falls much below 40F, the little stove can’t produce enough heat to reach across the barn.  That’s when it’s good to be connected to the gas company.  Even though there are disadvantages to dry heat running all day and all night, it’s better than trying to get the same heat out of the little stove in the kitchen.

Good wood.

I don’t mind having so much firewood out there that sometimes it rots before I have a chance to burn it.  I bet I have firewood that’s still good that’s maybe 3 or 4 years old.  It’s kind of a year-round hobby, gathering it, cutting it, stacking it, shuffling it to the back porch and burning it in the stove.  There’s a lot of firewood here.  It’s a renewable resource because it just keeps growing.

But on the days when it’s too warm, or too cold, or when the stove nazis figure there’s too much crap in the air, it’s better to not burn.  I’m not kidding about the stove nazis.

It’s kind of funny that you have to check the website to see if you can burn or not.  If you’re living far enough in the stone age, you might not have electricity or an internet service provider, but they still want you to check the website before you light the fire.  Of course that wouldn’t apply to any of you people.  I think that’s one of the exemptions.  If your house has no other source of heat, you can burn whenever you want.  But I mean, screw that.

So it’s a matter of taste, or choice, or whatever.  But you don’t let them outlaw stuff just because it’s what they think is a better choice, or better taste.  Screw that, too.  It’s America for a reason.


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