Mid-Month Post for December

The rest of the country is blizzarding out, and the most significant thing I’ve done is to change my Firefox persona.  I went from “dark glitter” to “firefox sunburst.”  They have some cool Christmas personas, too.

I find myself acknowledging people who are electing the life-changing event known as retirement.  There are two this week and one next week, that I know of.  I try to learn something from each of them.

One of our Christmas traditions is the pot-luck lunch, so we usually have a lot of food on our campus during the month of December.  It naturally falls to the retiree’s department to have an informal pot-luck celebration marking the end of their career.  My attendance has been brief, enough to take in the spirit of the occasion and eat a little something.  Our pot-luck is tomorrow, so I’ll be getting my dish together later.

I feel privileged to have been part of these associations.  There is much to admire, or inspire, and fortunately there is work which I can hurry back to, whenever I’ve had my fill of the glorious spectacle, quickly, before anything goes wrong.  The last thing I want to do is jump in there and speak my mind if someone gets scrappy.  Or be caught looking too long at some woman’s attributes.

Social is not so much me.  Being a master of inappropriate behavior, I can only handle so much restraint.  Clumsiness only works as an excuse so many times.

Michael Vick wants a dog.  We all want something.  It’s going to be a long day.


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