Thanks for saving me a spot

I guess I’ve been Facebooking for over a year.  I got sucked into FarmVille.  It’s a game, but it wants money.  You can use real money like from your credit card to buy Farm Cash.  I refuse to do that, so I’m planting and plowing and harvesting crops and animals a few times a day now.

It’s quite visual and cartoony.  What is disturbing is that I have a FarmVille neighbor who is at Level 88, and her farm takes forever to load.  Once you see it, the whole thing, it looks like Six Flags.  I’m only at Level 20 and have not expanded my farm beyond the original 12×12.  To do that I must add 2 more neighbors or part with some Farm Cash.

However, I am saving my Farm Cash to buy the Golden Retriever puppy.  You see, my goals in FarmVille are not consistent with FarmVille’s goals for me.  Today I saw a “story” on the sidebar that said I have achieved 0 of 160 goals.  Makes it sound like I’m a loser, except I’m already at Level 20.  And I have Level 3 Horse Mastery and Cow Mastery, too.  I have my doubts about advertising my mastery.


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