Happy 2014


I keep saying that whenever you miss someone, sometimes it’s not really them that you miss.  It’s what you wished they had been.  Sometimes they get themselves into such an incredible amount of trouble that you can’t do anything even if you wanted to.  Sometimes it’s a situation that you never want to be in again.  Sometimes it’s a favor that you’ll do, knowing when you do it that you will never see any benefit from it.  Sometimes it’s a clash of ideologies, or a conflict in priorities, or a clanging iron gate that shouldn’t be there. 

So, when I say Happy New Year, it’s not with the knowledge of what’s going to happen next.  It is, however, with the knowledge that there are still some good things that could happen.  They just might not be what you expected, last month, or last year.  Your fortune cookie fortune might be the only guidance that you get on this. 


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