It seems to have come home again.  Yesterday I could not get into one of my Facebook accounts.  They promised they would let me back in as soon as I told them my REAL NAME and sent them a copy of MY DRIVERS’ LICENSE.  I said no, and I send them THIS instead:  Vlad AngerThis is the logo for the Vlad the Impaler School of Anger Management, Est. 1448.  I assume it’s all fiction but it was the nearest .jpg I could find to send instead of my drivers’ license.  And no, I still can’t get into the account.  I have five 30×30 farms in there.

ted2This is me and Ted the Wonder Dog, who is being held hostage by the Facebook Gestapo.

Last night, and I spent too much time on this. I tried to go to a different less-used Facebook account, and it told me, dude, you really need to tell us your real name.  So I told it my name is Buck Rabbitt, and it let me in.  I was Buck Rabbitt for an hour I guess, and friend-requested some of my favorites from the hostage account.  Two accepted while I was sitting there because you know we never sleep.

This afternoon I tried getting into the Buck Rabbitt account and it said dude, you really need to tell us your real name and send us some ID because we don’t like posers, players, webbies, and smartasses who try to defeat our well publicized stupid policy against such.  So that’s TWO accounts that are useless now.  Should I go for three?

What’s so great about Facebook anyway?

Elsha Prague 1


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